Middleburg Hillside Fishing Club and Camping Retreat

Located in Central Ohio, Logan County, 45 minutes west of Columbus

All questions e-mail: askmh108@earthlink.net

Camping with an option of Fishing! Ponds that were built as pay lakes and always “Catch and Release”. All types of fish, even a few paddle fish. Shovel-head catfish so large they have not been caught for 20 years. Truck loads of fish that were stocked 20+ years ago and have never been caught. That said, the huge fish are extremely smart. The foundation is: Camping In Peace and if you do fish, the ponds were built with healthy – huge fish as the goal.

Middle of the day, first cast with a Large / Black Colorado blade bass bait, for a prom picture

Camping in Peace “duplicates” the pleasure of having your own pond, even if you choose for a few hours or a weekend. The “Peace” that comes with knowing there are no strangers or the problems can come with crowded public camping areas. Having a pond to your self, just like as if you owned your own pond.

Ideally bring your own camper so you “know” what you have and the peace of knowing what to expect when you’re sleeping. Tents are an option or as large of a camper that you like. We have a couple of Amish Made single room wood cabins as an option.

Just like you owned your own pond, you decide what you want to experience. Peace all by your self, you and your dog, or an entire family. No help, some help or more help, it depends on the goal and privacy; the opposite of what is experienced at the standard state camping park. The cost is for privacy and not how many people can be packed in side by side.

Appointment by Reservation ONLY! If you want to fish for 1 hour, for a day, for a night, camp for 1 day or several, each person decides what they want to do and if they agree to the price for 1 pond, 2 ponds or private access to all the ponds. Unless otherwise agreed to, all fish are Catch & Release. If you want to eat crappies, etc. while camping, that has to all be pre-arranged beforehand.

Always, Take Nothing, Leave Nothing

Open in Spring 2022

Summer Fun