Cabin – Pond B

Pond “B”

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Pond “B” was built 23 years ago, specifically as a shovel head (flat head) catfish pay lake. Graveled banks and full graveled drive around for all night fishing from vehicles. The large left-side is 16 feet deep and the right side 10 feet deep. The deep end has a sand bar with a large row of clay tiles that the catfish can reproduce in. Stocked with all species and plentiful bass and crappies. Has an optional 1 room amish built wood cabin. 

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Walk-Around View

Looking left, from the deep end

looking right

Across from the Cabin

Same spot, zoomed in

From the main driveway

Same view, zoomed in

Pond “B” has Huge Catfish, the water is more clear than Pond “A”, so the Bass and Crappie are easy to catch! The Catfish are extremely hard to catch, Pond “A” and “B” have the 60+ pound catfish; they eat all types of fish, especially the channel cats and smaller shoveled cats. These Ponds have perch, pike, saugeye, but they are never seen or caught. Ponds “A” and “B” you could spend weeks trying to catch a monster catfish, or you could catch one on any bass lure you have–you never know and if your line is cut like a pair of scissors, then you know one of the huge pike cut you off. Pond “B” has no lights other than the cabin. ponds have 1 porta jon each. Pond “B” has no water hydrants. Pond “B” has lots of Bass and lots of Crappie, but no one catches the huge female bass, the 1-2# male bass are easily caught. My guess is that 98% of the bass that are over 2#, have never- ever been caught; all the ponds surely have monster bass that have all the food they could possibly want. Pond “B” was built with a drain in the bottom, but has never been drained.