NO DOWN PAYMENTS accepted until personal contact has been made and purchaser is fully aware and understanding of all expectations. The goal is FUN with then option of catching a fish.

Below are the “General” guidelines—we will listen to all suggestions and try to make it happen. If the prices are bothersome, please do not make contact, this is for those that want privacy and peace while they camp.


Prices are for privacy!

No open hours! – closed to the walk in public

Appointment Only!

No visitors / guest ( only those that have signed the waiver are permitted to enter property. )

Catch & Release (unless arrangements previously made)

Take Nothing / Leave Nothing

Option 1 Pond “A” or “B”

11 hours (Daytime) 9am – 8pm $100 (maximum total 4 people

May bring your camper

Option 2 Ponds “A”, “B” or “C”

23 hours 1pm – 11am $200 (maximum total 4 people)

May bring your camper, firewood, etc.

Option 3 Ponds “A”, “B” and “C” combined

23 hours1pm – 11am $500 (maximum total 4 people)

May bring your campers, firewood, boats, etc.

When fishing please use proper / good fishing string. De-barbed hooks are easier to remove when accidentally hooked, otherwise please use caution when fishing, please fish and camp with a family member / friend and take care of your physical / health needs–(no baby sitting included)

Handling of fish, use proper net. Never hold a catfish by its mouth and allow the body to drag down, this can rip the stomach and the fish die days later–always hold like a baby; supporting the belly and 1 hand holding the mouth and please return to the water ASAP. Pictures are welcome!

Using a thin pair of gloves that have some rubber coating are nice when handling catfish and big fish and ALWAYS use a pair of fish hook removing pliers to pull out hooks…….keep those pliers with you and you’re net always when fishing.

NEVER step on fish or use fish grabbing devices—-that kills the fish always. Those fearful of fish need a helper that is not scared to properly handle big fish. If you catch a large fish and are not prepared to properly land it and release it, then cut your string.

50+ pound catfish may bite any small or large bait you may have. That said, no children in the water, the large catfish can be just feet away from the banks waiting for something to step in the water. They love to eat muskrats, ducks, bass, bluegill, crappie, carp, etc.

Specie of Fish: Flat Heads, Blue Cats, Channel Cats, Bullheads, German Carp, Israeli Carp, Grass Carp, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Pike, Saugeye, Shad, Crappie, Blue Bill, & Paddle Fish.

Easiest Fish to catch are Carp! ALL SPECIES of fish are smart and easily fearful. Anyone can be lucky and catch a huge fish day or night, but understanding the specie of fish you want to catch takes proper time, proper bait and tackle along with LUCK.

Camping with then option of fishing simple means, the fish are smart and those fishing for them, have to be “Smarter”.