Middleburg Hillside German Shepherds

2022 Puppies

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Central Ohio

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9 Puppies born March 1st, 2022

German Shepherds

The all black, German Shepherds

German Shepards can be some of the greatest dogs for country living or even as house dogs. Having 1 dog inside and 1 dog loose outside would be the ultimate / general home protection.

The all black German Shepherds I believe have a “natural” desire to be with 1 person as much as they possibly can; if they had a choice, they would never leave your side. They often will sleep out side your bedroom window and try to stay close to you. They; like most dogs, live and exist to be with you. They learn as well as any dog can and much; just comes “Naturally” to them. They say when training your puppy, repeat the same command 7 days in a row and they will learn.

For Sale

9 Puppies – Selling fast

March 1st 2022

New Born
7 days old
21 days drinking fresh goats milk
with With Wild Oregano Oil added
Distilled Water
with With Wild Oregano Oil added

Loving fresh goats milk with Wild Oregano Oil

40 days old they can jump out of their box
40 days old they can walk fast
Having Fun with mom
Out for a daily run
Mother guards her puppies night and day
Always cooling off in the ponds
April 23rd 4 left for Sale