All participants “Agree” to be self-insured and pay 100% of their health and welfare expenses arriving from being outside camping and fishing and all the unknown issues that can result in loss of health and life, including paying for their emergency transportation. In simple terms, people can become injured including dying when camping and fishing and they accept 100% of the responsibility for them selves and all relatives seeking damages as a result of their injuries or deaths. Only the parents of children that accept responsibility may bring minors on the property.

If you do not go into the water, you’re not going to risk drowning, so you agree that you are not going into the water. While fishing you are using sharp hooks, you agree that you are responsible for all you’re known and unknown injuries. Living and experiencing outside sports has tripping injuries from unseen holes, rocks, slippery banks, etc. as well as children and adults that may become allergic to wild plants, even common green grass may make some people to develop rashes; what ever the problems that arrive from your camping / fishing experiences you agree to pay 100% of all expenses that result and agree that you and your relatives / guardians can not / will not hold the owners / family members of Middleburg Hillside Farm liable and agree that you are renting private property and release yourself from all public / state regulations and this is not state camping grounds / state lake.

All water on this property is for washing dirt and forbidden to drink, not for human consumption.

All bathroom facilities are your camper or a portages jon.

There is electric and lights on the property, do not permit children to play with electric.

All species of fish are Catch & Release unless otherwise agreed upon as part of the rental. This includes all bait fish. Take Nothing / Leave Nothing. No Trash! If you want to eat fish or catch bait fish, make that part of your rental agreement.

Ideally come with a friend that understands your health and can take you for emergency help or call for help if required. If you die from natural or non natural causes, you agree that you and your estate is responsible for all your expenses incurred even after your death.

Middleburg Hillside Farm has no insurance on “you” or anyone in your party, you agree that the absolute most you can seek damages for is the amount you paid for rent, regardless of your injuries or death.

All use of boats regardless who owns the boat, you agree to have proper life saving equipment and understand proper use and no one is permitted in the water. You agree all use of water craft requires at least 2 people capable of helping in case of accident and ability to call for emergency aid.

Upon entering each person will be required to hand sign a liability waiver similar to this statement—basically stating that you can die and if you do die, you accepted responsibly.

Bugs, insects of all kinds, seen and unseen; as well as birds, snakes, muskrat holes, rocks, sticks, too much sun, not dressed properly, not properly prepared and all the things in Nature that can cause you problems, you accept as part of camping / fishing —including dogs, cows or astroids that may decide to upset your day…..if aliens visit, please video them.

Please have a fire extinguisher in your camper and when building a camp fire, attend it properly and have a bucket of pond water and put the fire out when you’re done with it.

Park your vehicle properly so it does not end up in the water.

Pets are only permitted when prearranged as part of your rental agreement. No pets permitted that would chase cows or want to fight dogs. We tie our dogs up when we know strange pets will be on the property.